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The user’s manual you wish came with your child™
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About Everything Baby, LLC

Everything Baby offers unique and personalized services to parents and families who want answers to their parenting questions. Today’s parents are extremely busy with work, family and other obligations, when they are home with their family, they don’t want fight time, but quality time. Parents also realize they cannot allow their children to run wild.

    What are they to do?
    Cut into family time?
    Cut into work time due to worry?
    Ask the pediatrician at the next appointment?

Can you wait that long?

Everything Baby can help. With over 15 years child development experience and working with children, we can answer your questions, ease your concerns while providing real life solutions to your real life problems.

Watch Rebecca's interview on KOIN TV about her Beyond Stranger Danger course. Download (8.13mb WMV)

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